Kayak Tour on Lake Bracciano

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Kayak Tour on Lake Bracciano

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We can't wait to share this experience, which is perfect for everybody, we can in fact paddle at different levels for just a few or many kilometers, we'll customize the experience that will be just right and comfortable for you.
We will get you acquainted to basic paddling techniques if you are a beginner, or have you master your skills with me if you are an experienced kayaker.
Paddling on Lake Bracciano is extremely safe and offers a privileged view in such a pristine environment, where you can also depend on a favorable weather, where the water conditions are nothing like the sea.
By paddling on Lake Bracciano you'll discover the beauty of such a striking place, you'll admire the fish, the birds, the farms and the three towns on the lake's waterfront: Trevignano, Bracciano and Anguillara. This area was the place for the villas of ancient wealthy Romans, even emperors such as Domitian and Aurelian. Some ruins and Roman cobble stone paved roads are still visible a few feet below the level of the water. You'll get an exclusive point of the view of the lake that is famous for being the stage of the weddings of so many celebs, such as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes or Martin Scorsese and Isabella Rossellini.
You'll get to see Lake Bracciano's truest side, right from the water on a boat you can wear: a kayak.
Upon request we can come pick you up by your stay in Rome or surroundings.

This tour is available for couples, families, groups of friends and friendly to kids from 12 years old on. Participants must be able to swim. Use of PFDs is compulsory.


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  • Duration:3 to 6 hours
  • Availability days:Sun; Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;

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