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Day trip from Rome with sightseeing in Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi, in the famous and wonderful Amalfi Coast, in Campania.

The incredible panoramic view of the Coastline you can get from the only route that led to the Amalfi Coast is really impressive and breathtaking! All you can see is a sheer vertical drop from the cliff into the sea!

The Mediterranean climate of the Amalfi Coast, its cliffs and rocks, its myths and legends, make this land of sirens a little conrner of Paradise and a daydream you can realize with our day trip from Rome or from its surroundigs!

The first stop of this amazing day trip is Sorrento, a supreme touristic attraction of eovcative name, land of lemons, with blooming plants and orange trees along the streets. The City Center is the perfect place for a nice walk through the shops selling local products, including the famous Limoncello, a digestive liquer made of lemon (a special kind called "sfusato amalfitano"). This memorable guided tour in limo will get by the sea to visit the Port Marina Piccola. By the beauty of these places you'll understand why Sorrento was an inspiring Muse to so many artists and movie directors...

The second stop of your personalized full day trip is Positano, whose name comes from the God of the Sea, Poseidon for the greeks or Neptune for the Romans, and which tops the other cities in terms of legends and myths. Here, just like Sorrento, your senses will be over whelmed by the many flavours of local cuisine and the local handicrafts. You will pick them as you'll walk the town made unique by its alleys, backstreets, steep staircases and stunning scenic glimpses.

The third stop of the day trip is Amalfi, which for sure doesn't lack of the tipical charme! Amalfi is an ancient Maritime Republic which acquired a very important maritime power among its neighboursin the past; for that reason, it is also an important historical City, home to the majestic St. Andrew's Duomo, built in Arabian Architecture. Our english speaking driver guide will provide you all of its details. 
If you missed to buy one last ceramic work in the previous stops, don't worry! You will have another chance here!

The Sorrento Positano Amalfi Tour is one of the best choice you can make between the wide range of personalized guided tours, shared tours or not, from Rome and its surroundings!

Please notice that you can also get this amazing private guided tour by your Cuise Ship from Naples: join with us for your Shore Excursions From Naples, Salerno and Sorrento in a private transer with sightseeing in the coastline.

If you are looking just for a simple private transfer, fast and safe, we will drive you on the turnpike (A3) which runs next to the Gulf of Naples. You will reach your destination in a bit, according to your plans. On the contrary, if you are not in a hurry and wish to make your private transfer much more interesting with a private tour with sightseeing in Naples, Salerno or Sorrento, we'll be happy to take you!

Regarding the shore excursion from Naples, Salerno or Sorrento, pay attention: the ship does not wait! Rely on us for your private transfer and you will always be there on time, either on your way back to the airport! If you have some time to spend before boarding time, we can fit a nice and relaxing sightseeing tour in the attractive surroundings!

Contact us to costumize your own private guided tour, shared or not, and your shore excursions from Naples, Salerno or Sorrento! We will arrange your personalized day trip from Rome, from Naples or from its surroundings, in order to satisfy all your desires and meet your plans!

general information

  • Duration:Full Day
  • meeting point:By your accommodation/Hotel/Cruise Ship/Arrival Terminal
  • Schedules:Customizable within sites' opening hours
  • Availability days:Sun; Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;
  • Included:Driver-guided tour, general background of the visited places, all transportation costs and tolls are covered.
  • Not included:Entrance fees, Lunch, guided tours inside the monuments and the museums

tour itinerary

  • Sorrento, Piazza Tasso, San Francis Church and Cloister, the public Gardens, the Beach.
  • Positano, city center, shopping alleys, the Duomo, the Boardwalk and beach.
  • Amalfi, the port, Saint Andrew's Cathedral, the Cloister, the main street.

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