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Bracciano, Ceri and Cerveteri

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Your day trip from Rome to its surroundings: the Bracciano, Ceri and Cerveteri Tour



So close to Rome to go too often unnoticed, Lake Bracciano is one of the most pleasant scenarios of Lazio. AlnaxLimousines Tours chose this private guided tour to give you a chance not to miss this area of land between Viterbo and Rome, very beautiful from a naturalistic point of view and with outcrops of the remains of ancient civilizations that populated it.

On the lookout on Lake Bracciano, with its massive walls and five towers, stands the Orsini-Odescalchi Castle: our Rome and Surroundings tour starts here. You will visit the interiors of the castle to whose charm did not resist, in addition to the locals, not even the celebrities coming from overseas (like Tom Cruise and Martin Scorsese), who chose this castle to celebrate their marriage. You will get the life of the noble family presented with colorful tapestries, paintings, armors, guns and rifles, noble beds, fireplaces, copper pans with carvings of the family crest and much more. Before we continue our private guided tour to Ceri, we can not miss going to see the Lake closely.

CERI TOUR: A tiny jewel

As we head towards the sea, only 15 kilometers away, on the Aurelian way, you'll reach the beautiful village of Ceri, really small, of course, another trace of the Etruscans, proudly rising on its tufa rock embedded in the greenery of the surrounding countrysides. Your personalized tour includes a visit to the Shrine of The Madonna of Ceri full of paintings on the Old Testament: the Creation of the World, the Creation of Man and Woman, the Temptation of the Serpent, the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden and Noah's Ark. The image of the Madonna and Child in the church has always been reason of pilgrimage. Lunch will be according to local traditions with the famous wine of Caere (the ancient name of Cerveteri) and immersed in a very typical ambiance.

CERVETERI TOUR: The biggest necropolis

Closer to the coast, 13 kilometers away from Ceri, still on the Aurelian way, our guided tour will meet Cerveteri. Here is the necropolis of Banditaccia, the largest Etruscan necropolis that due to its size keeps for a huge number of burials. Reminding us that the tombs were conceived as real apartments evoking the earthly life, there is still much to discover.

The drive back to Rome will take about 45 minutes, on the Aurelian way or, even faster, on the turnpike which runs next to the ancient Roman road.

Notice that we arrange also personalized shore excursions from Civitavecchia port: we'll take you directly from your cruise ship for a private sightseeing tour in the attractive surroundings, such as this Etruscan area of Ceri and Cerveteri, and take you back to the port perfectly on time! 


general information

  • Duration:Full Day
  • meeting point:By your accommodation/Hotel/Cruise Ship/Arrival Terminal
  • Schedules:Customizable within sites' opening hours
  • Availability days:Sun; Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu; Fri; Sat;
  • Included:Driver-guided tour, general background of the visited places, all transportation costs and tolls are covered.
  • Not included:Entrance fees, Lunch, guided tours inside the monuments and the museums

tour itinerary

  • The Orsini/Odescalchi Castle
  • The Baracciano Lake Boardwalk
  • The Medieval Village of Ceri
  • Shrine of The Madonna of Ceri
  • Etruscan Necropolis of Banditaccia in Cerveteri

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