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Pasta Cooking Class Tour

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PASTA COOKING CLASS - Rome and pasta...with love!

Have you ever dreamt of being able to make authentic Italian pasta the way only real Italians can? Believe it or not, now you can get this dream come true!

You'll finally learn how to master pasta like an Italian nonna or a celebrity chef, even in your house you'll astound your guests with your skills.

You'll get to know how to make cavatelli, fettuccine, ravioli and all the extrafamous Italian pasta specialties.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have fun with your familiy or friends (up to 10 work-stations) and bring your brand new knack back home!

Our certified chef will tell you everything about the jealously kept tips and tricks coming from a heritage of many generations, and she'll make your learning a lot of fun. She'll tell you in detail how to get the best ingredients, the properties of food and the best natural techniques to preserve it.

At the end of the day you'll enjoy with family or friends the pasta you just made as you'll be sipping an excellent Italian wine, then you'll know you made the best choice ever.

And finally you'll be given a certificate from your chef you'll be impatient to display in your house to let everybody know you now are a true Pasta Chef!

For those who are already aquainted to pasta making, please contact us and we'll set up advanced customized classes, you'll be surprised how many types of pasta are out there!

  • Class held by a top professional chef
  • Kids friendly. Minimum age 6 y.o.
  • Only guranteed fresh top quality ingredients.
  • Food safety guaranteed.
  • You'll be given pamphlets to bring home for future reference.

Please let us know in advance any issue regarding allergies or intolerances.

general information

  • Duration:4 hours
  • Schedules:Half Day
  • Availability days:Sun; Mon; Tue; Wed; Thu;

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