Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Tour

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Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius Tour

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This is an experience you'll never forget! A Shore Excursion from Naples, a Day Trip from Rome, a tour from Naples or a Tour from the Amalfi Coast. 

This is a not to be missed chance to see something really unique: everybody heard of Pompeii but most of people don't even have a clue there's another city, an unbelievable archaelogical site where the rich and famous of the Roman times used to live or spend their holidays: a proper city called Herculaneum a sort of Beverly Hills of the past. Its luxurious houses embellished with outstanding frescoes, statues, stuccos and the best architecture of the time, which was only buried by the ashes, therefore lived on to our time in a great shape. Even some furnishing, panels and doors survived and can be admired as of today as well as buildings standing up to the third floor.

The reason why over 30000 people died in 150 seconds is the biggest eruption mankind has ever experienced. Mt. Vesuvius blew up in 79 a.D. and changed even the local geography! 

Today you can get up to the edge of Mount Vesuvius' crater with style on huge off road trucks enjoy the adventurous ride and admire either the beauty of the Bay of Naples from the most scenic viewpoint and the stateliness of a huge powerful volcano which blew for thousands of years and one day will blow again. 

Thanks to the rich volcanic soil here you can taste a renown wine, the Lachrima Christi, from the grapes grown on the slopes of the volcano. Sound like a good lunch stop! 

The tour to Herculaneum and Mt. Vesuvius will definitely make your day and stay in your heart.

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