Secrets of the Papal States

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Secrets of the Papal States

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Caprarola - Palazzo Farnese, Nepi and Bagnaia - Villa Lante

This tour is a privilege for just a few: get to see where history took place, where agreements where sealed and banquets, celebrations and parties where held. This is where some of the most powerful families of the world lived, married, quarrelled and fought. 

Caprarola - Palazzo Farnese

This private guided tour will get you to see some real off the beaten path treasures from the Italian Renaissance. The first stop of our day trip from Rome or shore excursion from Civitavecchia will be one of the most notable palaces of a historic family: the Farnese. On our private guided tour into this fantastic site you’ll get to see the remarkable architecture of a huge fortress/palace, the rooms with the original furnishings and the literally mind blowing frescoes painted by several of the most renown artists of the time, among which a room is reserved to the Atlantis, depicting on the walls and the ceiling, the whole known world, including the recently (back then) discovered Americas. The park is immersed in the local nature and yet finely designed and embellished with the typical Italian gardens with fountains, buildings, hedges and statues. This venue is somewhat we are truly proud of and deserves a high position in the ranking of the best and most scenic sites of Italy.

We will then take you to experience the most genuine Italian traditions in the quaint Nepi.
This village holds a fortress built by the controversial Borgia family and where  Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of pope Alexander VI lived.
In Nepi nature and history meet to witness the past. This town in the Roman countryside is a crossway of ancient Roman roads, medieval churches and buildings, city walls from the 1500s, gates through which knights, cardinals, popes, peasants entered and left the village countless times. Life in Nepi is still lived at a slow pace, where farming and the cycles of mother nature are at the base of the local economy.
This is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic local meal, to taste the flavours of unprocessed food, still hand made by expert craftsmen with skills whose roots survived from generation to generation. Local cheese, cold cuts, prosciutto, wild boar sausages and salami, wine and freshly baked bread, vegetables from the backyard will make your meal and restore your mind.
Bagnaia - Villa Lante

The last stop of our private day trip from Rome or shore excursion from Civitavecchia will be Villa Lante in Bagnaia. This renaissance summer residence was commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Gambara and completed in 1566 by the same architect that designed Palazzo Farnese. A century later it was ceased to the Lante Della Rovere family, Dukes of Bomarzo. The villa consists of two mannerist buildings, identical in shape but with very different frescoes. The park is all about the water, which here is very abundant thanks to close by springs. Being built on the slope of a hill it lays on terraces where the fountains form very interesting waterworks. An actual creek flows across the park, creating different settings, flushing from fountain to fountain, each of them part of a story  and ending up at the bottom in the huge square Fountain of the Moors, surrounded by a stunning Italian garden outlined by the geometric design of the hedges. The park of the villa was awarded in 2011 as the most beautiful park of Italy.  
We are happy to offer this unique opportunity to experience one of the most authentic Italian itineraries, definitely less known and dedicated to those who seek for something truly special.

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  • First stop: Villa Lante in Bagnaia
  • Second stop: Nepi, visit of town and lunch
  • Third stop: Caprarola, Palazzo Farnese

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